LITES studio is opening the most advanced water stage on the planet

©Wim Michiels - LITES

LITES Studio 1, 1250 square meters of sound stage and is opening May 2019.

LITES Water stage, 1450 sq meters (opened October 2018), contains a 9 meters deep water tank. We can flood the studio floor with 1 meter of water, add 1 meter of waves, supplying a water surface of 1250 sq meter and a volume of 6.000.000 liters of warm water. The moveable floor can take 26 Tons of set, that can be built dry and submerged. Two oversized overhead cranes can lift 26 Tons of load. The large entrance door of 8m x 6m offers access to the largest trucks and trailers. They offer different water looks, dump tanks, rain, current and all kinds of water SFX.

They can offer the complete underwater crew, underwater and dry film cameras, underwater and dry lighting.

LITES Camera Rental will be located at the studios. LITES Lighting Rental is located nearby. LITES helps international productions finding Belgian co-production partners that are eligible for the interesting Belgian Tax Incentives and more.


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