European Women's Audiovisual Network calls for feedback from women cinematographers

EWA network

Inequality is a problem which spans across all professions in the audiovisual sector - from video game programming, to lead roles in films to ageism against female TV presenters. EWA network wants to change this status quo in a constructive and strategic manner. If women’s voices can’t be heard and their stories aren’t being told society will miss out on the perspective of half of the population.

Questionnaire for Women Cinematographers 

"Dear members and EWA friends working with the camera,

we have a request from the technical magazine Cameraman (which is working to have a more inclusive name!). They are going to release an article about women cinematographers, written by the cinematographer Nadia MacGowan."

If you want to contribute with your experience to the article, please forward the questionnaire (attached below) with your answers to nadia MacGowan

Download Questionnaire
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