4 TIPS for better voices in your Radio Spots

4 tips for better voices in your spot radio

The voice talent is the essence of the radio spot. The right script for the right guy, the good joke for the good tone ... here are four tips to improve your radio production with the sound of humans! 

 1. Use the gold mine!

Every actor is a source of awesome stories and true emotions. You can feel their personality in their voice, it already tells something… so why not using it to write your script? When you attend a recording session, try to understand the actors’ persona, their verbal tics, their accent or try to remember a joke he/she made between two takes that was really funny. Hell, make a list of that!

Then, when you’re facing the white page (a.k.a. the future script), pick someone in your list and write a story for him/her. You’ll have a whole universe at hand to create something that will feel right because the actor will relate to your story. He/she will even do the job quicker and you’ll save money on studio time!

Or you can just listen to the radio and try to remember which voice you like, or at least in which spot you’ve heard it. Then you can ask the studio you work with to find the actor you heard, it’s not that hard.

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