When Time and Space Collide, There’s Sound


Billy Mello, Sound Designer and one of the founders behind Lucha Libre, has a lot to say about sound, as well he should. He got his start as a DJ, and has been working in the audio industry for 25+ years. He’s served as Musical Producer, and/or Audio Developer for TV, radio, advertising, games, podcasts, and all the immersive arts, including VR.

Billy’s specialties include audio creation, development, recording, mastering, mixing, on-air expertise, musical knowledge, innovation) and uses his expertise to help Lucha Libre with A-brands all over the world, like Heineken, McDonald’s, and Toyota.

In the first-ever VRTL podcast, Billy speaks with Editor-in-Chief, Justine Harcourt de Tourville, about sound, 6DoF, HRTF and the lack of human earlids.

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