Tutorial: What is the Best Mobile App for Video Editing?

What is the Best Mobile App for Video Editing?

What is the best app for video editing? It is actually an easy question to answer if  I know what kind of phone you have and what level of video editing you want to reach. 

If you have an iPhone there is no question which app is the most powerful. Luma Fusion wins hands down. It is a one-off purchase and while it may seem pricey for an app, it is more comparable with desktop editing software.  You can use multiple video layers and drag videos between tracks in a way that other apps cannot.  It also supports a variety of formats such as vertical video or square video. 

If you have an Android phone then Kinemaster is your best bet. Again you can use layers to make your videos more visually interesting. It also has plenty of features like audio key-framing. You can download Kinemaster and use almost all of the features for free, but you will get a watermark on the exported video. You have to pay a subscription to get rid of the watermark. 

What is the Best Mobile App for Video Editing?

There is another big player now on the smartphone video editing market. Adobe. The Adobe Premiere Rush app works on iPhone, PC, Mac, iPad and some Android phones. It is a subscription service and its main selling point is that it uses the cloud, so you can start editing on one device and finish on another. It is definitely one to watch as it adds more features. 

So the best app for video editing depends on the phone that you have and how much you are willing to spend. There are cheap or free options like iMovie and Quik, but they are not on the same level as Luma Fusion or Kinemaster. 

It is well worth learning how to use your smartphone to create professional-looking videos. If you want to get started download my free smartphone video kit guide. Click here.

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What is the Best Mobile App for Video Editing?

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