Tutorial: How to make a TV Show Bible

How to make a TV Show Bible

So you have your treatment, pilot script and logline and you’re feeling ready to pitch your TV show to Netflix.

What we need to do is package all of your show elements into a pitch: something that is slick and glossy. Something that is just as impressive in the writer’s room as it is in the boardroom.

What we need is a show bible...

...And we’re going to show you exactly how to create one.

In this episode of our TV Writing & Development Master Class, we’ll go over all the aspects that go into a great series bible and provide a FREE template for you to use when writing your own. We’ll dissect HBO’s Westworld and put it all together to show you how to use the template and what goes into an awesome series bible. While there may be some confusion between series bible and pitch deck and what have you, they essentially boil down to the same thing:

A document that showcases your vision for the show and where you plan to take it.

Writing a great series bible is key to getting in a room and pitching your show. It’s also key to the development and progression of your idea from pilot to series. Before you start sending your script around town, make sure you give this video a good watch.

You won’t want to take a meeting without first knowing how to make a great series bible!

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