Tutorial: The Flying Luna Clipper

The Flying Luna Clipper

Real-time filmmaking is taking the industry by storm. From animation rendering in Unity or Unreal to Virtual sets that previously would have been added to a film weeks later can now be previewed in realtime.

As exciting as this might sound!?, the use of digital & gaming tools for filmmaking is nothing new. An exceptional example is The Flying Luna Clipper, a feature film made in 1987 by Ikko Ono.

Exclusively created with 8-bit microcomputer MSX. A weird thing impossible to ignore both for its production and its content.

The Flying Luna Clipper tells the story of a group of “dreamers” made up of vegetables, animals and other creatures that board the inaugural flight of a hydroplane (the Flying Luna Clipper of the title) over the Pacific. If you want weird and bizarre Japan, here you’ll have a feast.

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