Tutorial: 10 Strategies to maintain work-life balance when working remotely


Having worked as a film & television editor for the last fifteen years (Shooter, Empire, Burn Notice, Glee), Zack Arnold has ample experience working from home. He gladly shares 10 tips.

Part 1: Set Boundaries Between Work Time & Personal Time

  1. Practice the Art of ‘Time Blocking’
  2. Protect Your ‘Creative Time’
  3. Set up an ‘External Brain’ Workflow

Part 2: Establish Efficient Methods of Communication & Project Management

  1. Eliminate All Internal Team Communication via Email
  2. Establish an Efficient Project Management System
  3. Use Online Review Software

Part 3: Prioritize Your Physical & Mental Health

  1. Make Consistent Movement a Regular Part of Your Day
  2. Take Back Control of Your Diet
  3. Prioritize Sleep (And Separate Your Office From Your Bedroom)
  4. Continue to Make Personal Connections In Real Life

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