Postgraduate in media economics


Prepare yourself for the future of the media industry

The media industry has become an important pillar in local economies and societal development.

New technologies have created new opportunities, such as innovative revenue streams, targeted content distribution, personalization, and more. At the same time, developments in the media ecosystem have also brought new challenges to the sector, as online media consumption is rapidly increasing, access to media content is gained through a multitude of devices, and the industry points to the declining sustainability of content production, while new media players are raising new questions of concentration and domination.

In this context, the Postgraduate in Media Economics aims to equip young media professionals and postgraduate students with the tools to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of the digitalization, in the various sectors of the media industry in Europe


Goals of the programme

The goal of the Postgraduate in Media Economics is to turn its participants into experts in the economic foundations, strategies and challenges of transforming media sectors in Europe (and beyond). There are three main specific objectives:

  • To provide a deeper understanding of the media industry, the structure of media markets, the way both legacy players and new market entrants operate, and the challenges all of them face.
  • To offer concrete, real-life insights from various players in the media industry through an elaboration of best, worst and ongoing practices by renowned professionals.
  • To stimulate programme participants to further their own thinking on the basis of exercise-based learning in smaller subgroups


  • English fluency
  • Professional working in media sector and / or Graduate degree in related field


  • The programme starts in september 2018

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