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Introduction to 3D Game Development

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Create a playable 3D game

This introductory workshop teaches 3D project structure as participants create and customize a 3D game. Participants focus on 3D game development. Participants will learn about 3D project structure while creating a 3D endless runner game. Subjects covered will include physics, 3D graphics capability, scripting, rigging, and animation retargeting. The instructor will demonstrate how to use the various tools of the Unity Editor and the participants will create a 3D game using the provided assets. They will also learn how to work with UI elements, physics, and animations.

In this Workshop, you will learn about

  • Core gameplay
  • Character model, Character setup
  • Animation, Animator setup
  • Platform system
  • Lose settings
  • Collectibles
  • Publishing
  • And new Unity Editor capabilities and features like:
    • Cinemachine camera

This workshop has 2-day extension where Cybernetic Walrus will teach you experience from the field of making games, subjects not handled by the official curriculum and extra tips and tricks.

Daily Schedule

8:30 Welcome coffee
9:00 Start
12:30 Sandwich Lunch
13:00 Start Part 2
18:30 End



What To bring 

Laptop able to run Unity 2018

Can I get financial support?

All self-employed entrepreneur's and KMO's from Flandres can use the KMO-portefeuille to receive up to 40% of financial support. Mediarte is recognised by the Flemish government with authorisation number DV.O105665. Click here for more information about the KMO portefeuille.

Each Flemish employer/entrepeneur/interim who works in PC 227 or is linked to an audiovisual NACE activity (59112, 59113, 59114, 59120, 59130, 59201, 59202, 60100, 60200) , can make use of the mediacademie grants of up to 40%. Click here for more information about our grants. 


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