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Comedy: De vijf ultieme comedy-tips van John Vorhaus

John Vorhaus

Internationaal gekend als scenarist van ‘Married… with Children’, ‘Head of the Class’, ‘The Sentinel’, ‘The Flash’ en nog een hele resem TV series en films, is John Vorhaus misschien vooral bekend als de auteur van ‘The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny Even if You’re Not’. Over het schrijven van comedy voor televisie en film. Op vraag van mediarte deelt hij zijn vijf ultieme comedy-tips.

De 5 ultieme comedy tips

1. Comedy is truth and pain

If you know what's real, and what's painful, about any human situation, then you know what will be funny there. Example: "I haven't had sex for a year." "Celibate?" "No, married." The truth is that married couples stop having sex, and the pain is, well, that, too.

2. Comedy is cruelty 

A thing isn't funny to the person it's happening to. It's funny to the people watching. To be reliably funny, you have to make characters suffer. It's often easiest to make yourself suffer. As the butt of the joke, you win audience loyalty by "copping to" your own sadness and sorrow. See above, "Haven't had sex in a year..."

3. For every ten jokes you try, nine won't work 

This is the famous "rule of nine," and it's a great way out of the ego trap that haunts every comic creator. If you know that most of the time your work won't work, you can get outside of your own fear of failure and do the necessary spade-work to find that one in ten joke that really rocks.

4. Keep giving them you until you is what they want

Trying to "solve for the marketplace" is a fool's game. Figure out what you find funny and keep mining that vein until the audience catches up. This is your "comic filter," and it's the successful comic writer's stock-in-trade. Just because you find it funny doesn't mean the audience will, but if you DON'T find it funny, neither will they. So follow your muse. It will lead you to your bliss.

5. Farts are never not funny 

Many people don't think so, but many people are wrong.

John Vorhaus
John Vorhaus

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