The Value of Commercial Television

The Value of Commercial Television

The Value of Commercial Television

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And ways for European and national policy makers to support it
(or not)

Much has been said and written about private media and the way in which they contribute or fail to contribute to society, cultural identity, democracy, the production of high quality content, etc. In recent research more academic attention has been triggered for the topic. Often, research remains somewhat ideological, already from the outset refusing any added public value can be created by private media players. However, some scholars have shown that also private media can and should play their part in democratic societies.



Registration and morning coffee

Prof. Dr. Pieter Ballon,
Director imec-smit, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Keynote 1
Mr. Maceij Maiejowski,
Director of New Business Development, TVN

Coffee break

Session 1: What is the meaning of public value when talking about commercial television?
Chair: Mr. Simon Delaere, 
Chairman of the Flemish Advisory Council for Media


  • The views of private media management on public value
    Prof. Dr. Karen Donders, Prof. Dr. Tim Raats, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Prof. Dr. Trine Syvertsen, Prof. Dr. Gunn Enli, University of Oslo
  • Value(s) in European media markets under pressure 
    Mr. Tim Suter, Director Associate Perspectives
  • Delivering public value in Europe: A shared responsibility
    Mr. Grégoire Polad, Director-General Association of Commercial Television in Europe



Key note 2
Ms. Sophie Jones,
Head of Corporate Relations, Channel 4 

Session 2: Is commercial television content of any public/economic value? 
Chair: Prof. Dr. Tim Raats,
Lecturer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel 
  • Ownership, Data, Power and Content
    Prof. Dr. Gillian Doyle, University of Glasgow
  • Key trends in economic rewards 
    Dr. Daniel Knapp, Senior Director of Advertising Research, IHS Screendigest
  • News programming and our contribution to quality journalism
    Mr. Nicholas Lataire, editor-in-chief VTM Nieuws
  • Changing audiences,changing expectations?     
    Mr. Doug Wood, Group Director of Research and Insight Endemol Shine 
  • Children’s television and investments by commercial media
    Prof. Dr. Jeanette Steemers, King’s College

Coffee break

Session 3: How can policy makers facilitate private television to contribute to society (or not)?
Chair: Prof. Dr. Fabienne Brison,
Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Partner Hoyng-Monegier 


  • The European Digital Single Market: Much ado about nothing? 
    Ross Biggam, Vice President Public Affairs Discovery
  • Possible impacts of the Satellite and Cable Directive Review 
    Mr. Daniel Friedlaender, Head of EU Office Sky 
  • What will the AVMS Directive revision deliver for broadcasters? 
    Ms. Lyn Trytsman-Gray, Senior Vice President of European Affairs RTL Group 
  • Enabling collaboration among commercial media: Making economic sense out of being more flexibele about competition law restrictions
    Mr. Dirk Wauters, Visiting Professor KU Leuven 


Closing panel discussion: Does delivering value for society means making money first? Different perspectives on challenges ahead     
Chair: Prof. Dr. Karen Donders,
Lecturer Vrije Universiteit Brussel


  • The importance of advertising for independent media
    Mr. Kimon Zorbas, Senior analyst Nielsen
  • How can media companies themselves achieve success in a market in turmoil and what can/should policy makers do to facilitate this?  
    Ms. Gina Nieri, Executive Board Member Mediaset
  • Are companies delivering value for audiences? 
    Mr. Doug Wood, Group Director of Research and Insight Endemol Shine
  • How can policy makers enable a vibrant commercial television sector in Europe?  
    Dr. Anna Herold, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Oettinger, Digital Economy and Society 




Distinguished speakers from Discovery Communications, Mediaset, RTL, Endemol Shine, Medialaan, SBS Belgium, Association of Commercial Television in Europe, Associate Perspectives, Nielsen, IHS Screen Digest, European Commission DG CONNECT, University of Oslo, Glasgow University, Econopolis, King’s College, etc. will present their insights on the abovementioned topics. 


The idea of this conference is to focus on different faces of commercial media and their role in contemporary European democratic societies. It sheds light on questions such as:

  • How do commercial media companies see their role in society?
  • What is the social and economic value of content on commercial television?
  • How can the industry maintain investments in local content?
  • What should European and national policy makers do (or not do) to support the sector? Is the review of the Audiovisual Media Services directive a good step to strenghten European audiovisual companies?


The conference brings together insights from academia, industry and policy. It has attention for trends in areas as diverse as content production, business models and diversification of activities, the European Digital Single Market, etc. 


Standard rate 95 euro
Student rate 35 euro


8 juni 2017


van 09.00u - 18.30u


Hotel Bloom! in Brussels

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