Comedy writing for feature-film, TV, webisodes and anything else you can think of with John Vorhaus

Comedy writing for feature-film, TV, webisodes and anything else you can think of with John Vorhaus

Comedy writing for feature-film, TV, webisodes and anything else you can think of with John Vorhaus


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We'll make it a real working weekend.

Day 1

Starting from scratch, each participant (or perhaps partnerships or teams) will come up with a new idea for a scripted TV (or web) series or a feature-length script.  

On Saturday we'll study all the tools and elements necessary for putting together a successful pitch. This covers everything from the title and one-line description and easy, quick ways to create characters, to the relationship between story and theme, and the ever-important "how to deliver a pitch and not want to kill yourself after."

Saturday night is "homework" night, when participants will work on their material and their pitches.

Day 2

On Sunday I'll take pitches from all the participants, give them my professional reaction, and show them how to continue closing the gap between where the material is and where it needs to be.

That should take us through Sunday morning, leaving us Sunday afternoon for more lecture/seminar information about practical matters of writing for television and film.



John Vorhaus is an international creative consultant with writing credits in television, film, non-fiction and novels.  He has worked and taught writing for television networks, film schools, production companies and film funding bodies in 28 countries on four continents.

Vorhaus is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and a member of the Writers Guild of America. He has taught at such institutions as Northwestern University, the American Film Institute and the Writers Program of the UCLA Extension. He is the author of two dozen books, including Creativity Rules! A Writer’s Workbook, the novel Under the Gun, the Killer Poker series and, with Annie Duke, the bestselling Decide to Play Great Poker.

mediarte organizes this workshop with the support of Scenaristengilde, l’association des scénaristes de l’audiovisuel, SABAM, Screen.Brussels, Creative Europe Desk Vlaanderen & Bozar

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It's a great way to give writers "rules, tools and a good, swift kick in the motivation." Because of the teamwork element and the "live pitch" element, it has the added benefit of letting writers -- who so often toil in isolation -- understand that they are part of a vibrant community, a community to which they can contribute and from which they can gain strength.


Writers of comic series & films , writers of TV sitcom or webisodes


The working language is English, a knowledge of English is essential in order to participate.


370€ * per person

Maximum 20 participants will have the opportunity to work for a whole weekend with John Vorhaus.
It is possible to apply as an individual or as a team of two co-writers.

Deadline for submissions - 15 august 2017
Fill in the application form - The registrations are closed
(attach a CV & short motivation)

When selecting the participants, we take into account the participant's’ profile, if they work as a team and the moment of application
We will inform you in the week of August 21th whether or not you can participate.

* KMO-portefeuille Flanders (up to 30 or 40% of the cost of the training reimbursed)
* Flemish employees / self-employed working in PC 227 and/or linked to an audiovisual NACE activity (59112,59113, 59114, 59120, 59130, 59201, 59202, 60100, 60200) can have up to 40% of the training cost reimbursed.
* Flemish filmmakers can have a reduction on the training cost through VAF


23 & 24 September 2017


Every day from 10:00 till 17:30


Ch. de Charleroi 110
1060 Bruxelles

Minimum aantal deelnemers: 

12 participants

Maximum aantal deelnemers: 

20 participants


The registrations are closed